Friday, March 4, 2011

Breakthrough? Maybe

Well, today C decided we should ride Aidynlou, and I immediately had this feeling of dread that either he was going to dump me, or be lame, or both. I tacked him up with trepidation and got on to find I had an audience of a client and my dad. Yippee. First we just got him going forward in the walk and kept a steady but light contact for him to go into. Then we started trotting and he was really fluid behind and felt strong. And for some reason I felt pretty stable in my position and my aids. We worked on putting his hindquarters to the left when he wanted to put them right...which means baby shoulder-in while tracking right and counter bend to the left. Then we did baby leg yields tracking right which he actually did...amazing! He listened to my leg aids and really tried to do as I asked. Then we cantered both directions and I almost laughed out loud going to the left, his canter was SO smooth and fluid! It hasn't felt that good since...ever. His left lead is usually a very choppy, uneven stride. I couldn't believe how good he felt and how much more responsive he was...the combination of the good injections and roping him all week really made a difference. Thank GOODNESS. Then he got his feetsies done and they look so darn farrier seriously needs a medal for all the hard work he's done on this horse. I will post pictures tomorrow of the before and after's crazy.

:) So hopefully this will continue. And we have a new pony coming tomorrow...stay tuned for details!!
God Bless,

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